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• I know there are lot of Art dumps… but there’s something very important there.. THEY AREN’T COMICS!! So here I present to you a Comic Dump. This will be comics I have made over the years… though they have the joys of never being finished. Some comics are a page long and others have 50 comics. So don’t expect the comics to be finished. This is just a dump of Comics you can read for fun. POSSIBLY later I might have a vote and I’ll continue one or ill start a comic to finish…. yah..

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February 6th, 2011, 11:04 am

omg it lives

The reason i didn't update I lost my little template for the start pages -.- i had to format my computer.. and i end up selling it to a friend. BUT i got a new computer! So it all good. Now im posting up more random comics i had

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